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Monetize Your Real Estate Expertise and Leverage Your Network.


Do you hold a real estate license but are no longer actively practicing? We offer a seamless solution to generate income by leveraging your existing network. Refer buyers and sellers to qualified agents in our network and earn referral commissions on every deal.

In 3 Easy Steps, You Can Start Earning By Simply Referring.

Keep your license active, build on your network, and earn commissions – all without paying local board or NAR affiliation.

Become A Referral Agent

The Best Decision For Inactive Agents

Submit the form and join our esteemed referral network of 4000+ agents in less than 5 minutes.

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Even after you hang up your “For Sale” signs, your real estate expertise can keep paying off. LoKation Real Estate® unlocks a path to continued income, whether you’re considering retirement or simply haven’t been using your license lately.

Effortless Earning

Build relationships, earn commissions – effortlessly. Leave the transactions to us.

Perfect Match, Every Time

Tap into our network of 3,400+ skilled professionals across 6 states, guaranteeing a stress-free and successful real estate experience

Peace of Mind

VIP Service, Top-Tier Results: Your referrals receive exceptional care and award-winning support, guaranteeing a seamless real estate experience.

Streamlined Process

Our system lets you initiate referrals instantly and generate pre-populated forms with e-signatures for all parties involved. It’s a faster, smoother, and compliant way to close deals.

Proven Track Record

With over 14,000 transactions closed, LoKation’s proven track record translates to increased client satisfaction and more referral income for you.

Trusted Partner

Partner with Lokation, a full-service brokerage renowned for its award-winning services. Your referrals receive comprehensive support for a stress-free experience.

Referral Pricing Plan Made Simple

Joining LoKation Real Estate® is designed to be as effortless as your retirement should be. We offer a single, transparent plan that grants you access to all the benefits of our program. No hidden fees, no tiers to navigate – just one click, and you’re on your way to earning residual income with minimal effort. Simply click the “Submit Now” button below to get started. We’ll guide you through a quick and easy registration process, allowing you to begin leveraging your network and collecting commissions right away.  

Simplify Your Workload.

Ditch the time-consuming aspects of real estate transactions. With Lokation’s referral program, you can connect clients with the perfect agent and earn commission without the hassle of endless showings, paperwork, and around-the-clock client communication. Focus on what you do best – building relationships –
and let us handle the rest.

Any Questions?

We are here for you. Schedule a Confidential Discussion with our recruiting department, today!

Frequently Asked Questions For New Agents and Realtors

Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Questions for New Agents, Licensed Realtors, Lead Generation, Technology, 100% Commission questions.

How much can I make on a referral?

Witness the Earning Potential:

Imagine you set a 25% referral rate and connect a client with an agent who helps them buy a $500,000 property. Lets say a selling agent earns a 3% commission, totaling $15,000. Based on your 25% rate, you would earn a substantial $3,750. LoKation takes a 10% fee, capped at $499*, for facilitating the referral, leaving you with $3,251 – a remarkable return for simply introducing the perfect client to the perfect agent.

What is a referring agent, and who can become one?

A referring agent earns money with their real estate license by connecting buyers and sellers with other licensed real estate agents, typically through a licensed brokerage like LoKation Real Estate. Referring agents get paid a commission without having to handle the full sales process.

Anyone with a valid Florida real estate license can become a LoKation referring agent, including:

  • Those retiring from real estate
  • Those with a system for generating leads
  • Those taking a temporary break from real estate
  • Those moving out of state but wanting to keep their license active
  • Those pursuing a different career
  • Stay-at-home parents
What are the requirements to sign up?

A valid Florida real estate license (you must maintain an active license throughout your time as a LoKation referring agent). Complete a W9 form to receive payment.

Can I live outside of Florida?

Yes! You can be a LoKation referring agent from anywhere, as long as you maintain your Florida real estate license.

May I have another career?

Absolutely! As long as you keep your Florida license active, you can have another job and earn extra income with LoKation.

How much does it cost to be a LoKation referring agent?

$99.00 / Year
Florida real estate license renewal fees (not covered by LoKation)
Note: LoKation charges a $50.00 quarterly compliance fee.

Does LoKation Real Estate require continuing education?

No, but it is required to maintain your real estate license. Check with the Florida DBPR for details.

Who can I refer?

You can refer buyers and sellers to any licensed real estate agent in any state, for any type of real estate transaction. You can even refer yourself if you’re buying or selling property.

How do I submit a referral?

Through our Agent Referral Network located inside the “Sphere”, LoKation’s agent portal.

How do I keep track of my referrals?

Upload your signed Referral Agreements to our Transaction Management System to keep a record of your referrals.

When do I get paid?

Once a deal closes, LoKation receives the commission from the Title Company or Closing Agent, once the funds have cleared they can be paid out to you through the payment method of your choosing.

Can I still list properties or represent buyers as a LoKation referring agent?

No. As a LoKation referring agent, you can transact but you wont have MLS Access or an obligation to pay Association Fees.

Why can't I send referrals directly to another agent?

Florida real estate law requires referrals involving commission to go through a licensed Broker. LoKation, as a licensed brokerage, offers more than just legal compliance. We provide:

  • Easy-to-use referral system
  • Handling paperwork and signatures
  • Referral progress updates
  • Training resources on generating referral income
  • These benefits are included with all LoKation referring agent plans.


"Thinking about hanging up my license was tempting. After 20 years, the paperwork and constant hustle were getting to me. But then I discovered Lokation's referral program! Now, I can keep earning commissions and connect my valued clients with Lokation's fantastic network. It's a win-win – I focus on building relationships, and Lokation handles the rest. Plus, the guaranteed commission and full broker support give me peace of mind. Lokation revitalized my real estate career without the daily grind!"

Sarah J.

"My day job keeps me busy, and real estate was becoming more of a burden than a side hustle. Lokation's referral program is a lifesaver! Now, I can leverage my existing network to refer clients and still earn a 25% commission. Lokation takes care of the time-consuming tasks, from showings to paperwork, freeing me up to focus on my primary career. It's the perfect solution for anyone with a real estate license and a busy schedule."

Michael L.

"Retirement shouldn't mean giving up income entirely. Lokation's referral program allows me to stay connected to the real estate world I love, even after stepping back from daily activities. I can use my years of experience to connect my clients with the perfect Lokation agent, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for everyone. Lokation takes care of the heavy lifting, and I get to keep earning without the full-time commitment. It's a fantastic way to stay involved and generate income in retirement!"

Janet S.