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Your Business. Your Way.

With Industry Leading Support & Services, Your Goals Become A Reality.

We Eliminate The Red Tape

Embrace Autonomy

Emancipate your business from brokerage constraints and high cost and enjoy the freedom to make choices for your business while increasing profitability. You will excel with the autonomy to shape your business the way you want, including the flexibility to determine your commission rates, giving you full control over your earnings. At LoKation, we empower you with the independence to run your real estate business on your terms and earn more in the process

Create Multiple Revenue Streams

LoKation provides a diverse range of services that go beyond the conventional offerings in the real estate industry. Our agents have the opportunity to broaden their portfolios through involvement in residential and commercial real estate, property management, rentals, and land sales. What sets us apart is our commitment to fostering a community where success is not only individual but also collaborative. Moreover, our referral program stands as a testament to our belief in shared success, allowing agents to earn while bringing in new talent to join the LoKation family.

Foster Your Unique Identity

We recognize the entrepreneurial spirit within each of our agents, and we actively encourage them to carve out their own distinct brands. Our commitment lies in supporting our agents in their unique endeavors, and we understand the importance of individual identity. Our approach is designed to amplify the strengths of each agent without overshadowing their personal brand. At LoKation, we cultivate a culture where diversity and innovation flourish, empowering our agents to truly distinguish themselves in the competitive landscape of real estate.

Why Join LoKation?

100% Commission, Always.

At LoKation, agents have the opportunity to earn 100% commission on every transaction and reinvest their earnings back into their business. This means that agents have the freedom and flexibility to invest in their brand, marketing, and other resources that will help them grow their business.


Experience the heart of our brokerage through exceptional agent support. We provide the necessary resources for success and offer flexible communication options such as calls, zooms, texts, chats, emails, and in-person meetings, all aimed to help you thrive.


For success in real estate, ongoing education, and training are essential. Our agents have access to top-notch professional development opportunities covering a range of topics, including contracts and marketing. Live training sessions are held via Zoom, and all classes are recorded for agents to access through The Sphere, our online agent portal.


LoKation is a tech-savvy brokerage that understands the importance of technology in growing your business. They offer a range of platforms, including KvCore, a comprehensive tool that seamlessly integrates CRM, IDX website, automation, and marketing features. LoKation also provides mobile apps, marketing tools, and social media automation to help agents take control of their businesses.