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What Sets LoKation® Apart?

It’s no surprise you are here because you want a more profitable and enjoyable real estate career. When joining a professional LoKation Team, your earnings become increasingly more predictable and your commissions higher. As a solo Realtor, you are paid when you close. On a team, you have Realtors constantly working to close deals fast with a more steady income. Our Team Builder Program drives recently-licensed and driven agents a place to get started immediately.

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Team Services To Help You Succeed

Training, Education, Mentorship Programs

Professional training at your fingertips. LoKation is proud of our highly successful mentorship programs to assist you with building a profitable career. When you work in a small team, you are able to share experiences such as Marketing, Listings Assistance, Property Research, Communication, Closing Help, and more. 

Full Agent Support Whenever You Need

Working for yourself can be challenging, and equally rewarding. We want you to be successful and live a comfortable lifestyle. As an independent, you are responsible for 100% of the interactions and time to close your deals. As part of a professional team, you have people to assist so you can free up valuable time. Our agent support teams are ready to assist. Instead of doing everything solo, let’s divide and conquer together. Time is money, and closing fast is our goal.

Powered By Profitable Technology & Marketing Experts

Do you know what to post and when? Are you savvy in doing analytical assessments on buyers and sellers? We hired industry experts to help you. Take advantage of the latest in technology with ready-to-use content and media to help grow your team and brand. Marketing is essential and you can tap into multiple social feeds instead of just one. Your team is there to support you and provide further targeted reach to find buyers, sellers, and investors in your listings. Need help formatting a blog post, or responding to a lead? We are here for you.

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