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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the commission split?

All of our agents experience 100% commissions with no splits or caps! 

What training does LoKation provide for new agents?

We prioritize training here at LoKation for all agents. After all, learning should never stop. First, all new agents go through our Agent Kickstart Course, designed to bridge the gap between RE school & doing deals. Next, we’re very active with our live training done via zoom. With multiple classes each week, we’re sure to cover every aspect of real estate to give you a leg up on the competition. Lastly, our On-Demand training library is perfect for learning at your own pace.

Does LoKation offer leads?

We have partnered with 25+ lead generation partners to equip our agents with actionable leads. Our agents have no upfront costs, but these partners do take a referral fee at closing. 

How do I get support from Lokation?

Support is crucial for agents, regardless of their experience. Getting the answers to your questions couldn’t be easier at LoKation. You can call, text, email, chat, & even hop into our live zoom room to answer all of those real estate questions ASAP. Real Estate moves fast and so do we.

What are LoKation’s fees?

There are two agent fee plans that you can choose from. The blue plan is $99/month & $99/transaction. The Silver plan is $99/year & $499/transaction. *Each state is subject to a quarterly compliance fee (ranging from $35-50). Agents are free to switch plans. 

What does it cost to sign up?

It only costs $99 to sign up with us at LoKation. That $99 goes to either your first month or year depending on which plan you choose. 

Do I sign a contract with LoKation? What if I want to leave?

Our agents don’t sign any yearly contracts. All agents will sign independent contractor agreements regardless of the brokerage they join, but we don’t lock you into our brokerage. If you want to leave, we have an open-door policy. You’re always welcome back.

Can I work from home? Or do I need to come into the office?

Absolutely! We don’t require you to come into the office for anything. We’re equipped to help you succeed in the virtual world we live in. Smart Spaces allow us to operate in multiple cities throughout the state and conduct operations in a professional & comfortable atmosphere.

Where are the contracts that I need?

Our agent portal, The Sphere, is where you’ll find everything you need at LoKation. Our paperless pipeline system has all the contracts & templates you’ll need in one convenient LoKation. 

How long does it take to start selling?

It only takes ~ 5 minutes to sign up with LoKation online. After that, we’ll activate your license within an hour during business hours and you can start selling immediately. 

Can I work with a partner or start a team?

Yes! We encourage agents to run their business as they see fit. If you want to work with a partner or a team, we’re happy to help you get up and running. 

How does marketing at LoKation work?

Agents are responsible for their own marketing. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get help. We have an excellent marketing center and even have a program that will automate your social media marketing.

Do you provide business cards & signs?

We do not provide our agents with cards & signs. However, we have an online store with our templates already imported in to make it easy for you to get started.