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Steps To Build A Thriving Real Estate Career:
Why LoKation Real Estate is Your Launchpad

Are you a dynamic new agent with ambition that outshines any penthouse view? Tired of traditional brokerages stuck in the dial-up era? Look no further. We’re the fastest-growing disruptor in the industry, your modern launchpad to market domination.

To help you get started, download our free blueprint guide to help you build your real estate brand.

Leave the prospecting grind behind. Plug into our high-voltage network – a web of connections buzzing with hidden opportunities and instant access to leads. Our collaborative culture thrives on coffee, expertise, and mutual success. Think of it as your exclusive mastermind group, fueled by the insights of veteran income-generators. They’re not just mentors – they’re partners in your success. Unlock their insider knowledge vault and master the art of negotiation, closing deals with finesse, not force. We’re talking cutting-edge technology, AI-powered lead generation, and virtual tours that transport clients anywhere. Your listings won’t just shine, they’ll supernova.

Rewrite your earnings story with us. Forget “potential,” and embrace “millions” with our luxury platform. Our launchpad doesn’t just guide you, it propels you toward financial freedom. Join the real estate revolution – we’re not just disrupting the market, we’re redefining it. Be part of a movement that empowers agents, not restricts them.

Step 1: Laying A Solid Foundation
Step 1: Laying A Solid Foundation

Keep all your hard-earned profits with LoKation’s transparent commission structure. Invest in your growth, not hidden fees with our 100% commission power. Kickstart your journey and ccess comprehensive training programs designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Hit the ground running with confidence to unleash your potential while learning from experienced mentors and coaches who provide ongoing support and guidance.

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Step 2: Building Your Brand with A Technology & Marketing Tool Suite
Step 2: Building Your Brand with A Technology & Marketing Tool Suite

Focus on building your business, not paying hefty fees. LoKation offers two affordable monthly plans with 100% commission on every transaction, allowing you to keep more of your earnings. Our Silver Plan is best for part-time agents completing less than 5 transactions per year. Leverage LoKation’s mobile apps, social media automation, and lead-generation partnerships to reach more clients and close more deals. Craft your unique identity through LoKation’s properietary tools and resources to build your personal brand and establish yourself as a trusted real estate agent in your local market.

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Step 3: Deliver Exceptional Service, Always
LoKation meeting to discuss real estate.
Step 3: Deliver Exceptional Service, Always

You’ll need an In-House Support System. Benefit from LoKation’s integrated services like mortgage, title & escrow, and insurance. Offer your clients a one-stop shop for a smooth transaction. Engage in a Collaborative Culture and Connect with a network of supportive colleagues who share your passion and goals. Share tips, ideas, and build lasting professional relationships. Work on your own terms, set your schedule, and achieve work-life balance. LoKation empowers you to be your own boss and design your ideal career.

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Are you dreaming of a career where you can help people achieve their homeownership goals, set your own schedule, and earn a limitless income? As a new agent, navigating the competitive world of real estate can feel overwhelming. But fear not! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

AVOID the following Pitfalls, and choose a Broker you can trust to help you navigate them. By being aware of these pitfalls and taking steps to avoid them, you can increase your chances of success in the first year and beyond.

Underestimating the Time Commitment

Real estate is a 24/7 hustle. New agents often underestimate the sheer amount of time required for lead generation, marketing, property showings, paperwork, and client communication. This can lead to burnout and hinder long-term success. Your goal should be market dominance, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Overlooking the Importance of Continuing Education

The real estate landscape is constantly evolving. New agents who neglect ongoing education and training fall behind quickly. Staying up-to-date on market trends, legal changes, and technological advancements is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Whether you are a new agent, or a seasoned expert, LoKation’s School of Real Estate is a fantastic primer! Attend our weekly webinars and access over 35 mentors who have proven track records in top earnings and luxury markets.

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Prioritizing Transactions over Relationships

Focusing solely on closing deals can backfire. Building genuine relationships with clients is essential for trust, repeat business, and referrals. New agents should treat every interaction as an opportunity to cultivate long-term connections, not just secure a quick sale. Being surrounded by a like-minded group of agents allows you to stay focused and close more deals.

Neglecting Financial Planning

Real estate is a commission-based career, and income can fluctuate. New agents who fail to plan for lean months or manage their expenses effectively can face financial difficulties. Budgeting, savings goals, and a safety net are vital for navigating the ebbs and flows of the industry. You can safely trust in knowing your exact earnings with a 100% Commission program designed to maximize your net earnings on every transaction. Save more money by not giving up to 40% away, and put the savings back into marketing yourself.

Marketing Missteps

A weak online presence and lack of targeted marketing strategies can leave new agents invisible to potential clients. Understanding digital marketing, utilizing social media effectively, and developing clear brand messaging are key for attracting ideal customers. At LoKation our in-house marketing professionals can help you build a formidable brand to compete in this market. We pride ourselves on providing the best lead-generation technologies, and proprietary technology suites other brokerage firms charge a premium for. View our technology page for a taste of the LoKation powerhouse. 


A Few More Reasons
Why LoKation Is the Right Broker For You

Agents revel in the financial liberation at LoKation, where they retain every dollar of their commissions. This model not only rewards hard work but also translates effort directly into income, fostering a profound sense of achievement. This advantage is particularly appealing for real estate professionals seeking increased earnings and financial independence.

With flexibility in investing in their personal brand and tailored marketing strategies, agents can seize enhanced opportunities to differentiate themselves in the competitive landscape. This freedom enables them to strategically position their services and attract a broader clientele. Real estate professionals can leverage this flexibility to optimize their online presence and capitalize on marketing strategies to attract potential clients.

The model establishes a performance-based system where agents directly reap the rewards of their hard work. This creates a results-driven environment that recognizes and incentivizes success, fostering a culture of excellence within the brokerage. A performance-based rewards system aligns with the results-oriented nature of the real estate industry, motivating agents to achieve and exceed their goals.

With increased income potential, agents confidently explore new business opportunities, expand client bases, and diversify services. This flexibility enables career growth and resilience in a dynamic real estate market. Real estate professionals seeking business expansion find this model conducive to exploring new markets, niche specialties, and expanding service offerings.

Agents experience a substantial boost in profit margins, allowing for greater reinvestment in their businesses and personal growth. This direct correlation between effort and financial success enhances motivation and financial stability. Real estate agents benefit significantly from increased profit margins, enabling them to invest in marketing and expand their business footprint.

Despite the commission structure, LoKation offers agents comprehensive support, including training, resources, and cutting-edge technology. This commitment to professional development ensures agents stay ahead in a rapidly evolving real estate landscape. Continuous professional development is crucial for real estate professionals staying informed about market trends, technologies, and industry best practices.

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Introducing LoKation’s 100% Commission Calculator.

Input the commission split of a competing broker and the amount of gross commissions you intend to earn.
The average real estate agent closes 6 deals within their first year.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, their study showed agents with less than a year of experience averaged approximately $15,000 in commission earnings. Active Realtors® at LoKation earned on average $43,664.

Understanding The LoKation Advantage

In a market where traditional splits often limit agents’ profitability, our advanced calculator highlights the significant disparities between average real estate industry splits and the liberating 100% commission plan offered by LoKation. Our goal is to give agents the support they need to thrive in an environment that values their contributions and rewards them accordingly. Elevate your career, amplify your earnings, and flourish with LoKation.
Autonomous Financial Control – Break free from the restrictions of traditional splits and take full control of your financial destiny. LoKation’s 100% Commission Plan empowers agents to make strategic business decisions with the confidence that their efforts directly translate into income.
Transparent Earnings – Say goodbye to convoluted fee structures and hidden charges. LoKation’s transparent model ensures that agents know precisely what they earn, fostering trust and eliminating unwelcome surprises.
Unmatched Support – While enjoying the benefits of a 100% commission plan, agents at LoKation still receive unparalleled support, cutting-edge technology, and a collaborative community to propel their success in the competitive real estate landscape.

LoKation’s 100% Commission Plan

In stark contrast, LoKation’s 100% Commission Plan is a transformative model that empowers agents to retain their earnings fully. Our straightforward approach eliminates the traditional commission split, allowing agents to keep 100% of their hard-earned commissions. This transparent structure provides financial freedom, enabling agents to maximize their income and reinvest in their business without the constraints imposed by industry-standard splits.

Traditional Industry Splits

Experience the conventional approach with real estate splits that typically designate a percentage share between brokers and agents. These outdated models frequently result in agents surrendering a substantial portion of their commissions, hindering financial growth and autonomy. With industry-standard splits ranging from 50-70%, agents often find their earning potential curtailed, dampening motivation and entrepreneurial spirit.
100% Commission Calculator

100% Commission Calculator

*Total Gross commission of all Purchases and Sales for the last 12 months (assumes 3% per side).
Real Estate Transactions Last Year
Input your commission split. Traditional brokers are 70/30, or 80/20.

Results are based on an 80% Commission Split (+fees) with traditional brokerages.

We recommend the Silver 100% Commission plan based on your transactions.

We recommend the BLUE 100% Commission plan based on your transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions For New Agents and Realtors

Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Questions for New Agents, Licensed Realtors, Lead Generation, Technology, 100% Commission questions.

What happens after you pass the state real estate exam?

After passing the state real estate exam, you’re on the brink of launching your career. Now, it’s time to consider where you’ll affiliate your license. Joining LoKation Real Estate post-licensing offers unparalleled support and resources. With LoKation, you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology, extensive training, and a network of experienced professionals guiding you through your real estate journey. Affiliating with LoKation means diving into a supportive community that fosters growth and success in the industry.

How do I activate my real estate license, and how long does it take?

The activation process for your real estate license includes choosing a brokerage that aligns with your goals. LoKation Real Estate emerges as the optimal choice, given its robust support system. Opting for LoKation ensures not only seamless activation but also immediate access to a diverse range of tools and mentorship programs crafted to empower new agents. With LoKation, the activation is swift, allowing you to become part of a collaborative environment that prioritizes and propels your success in just a matter of days.

How long does it take to get your real estate license?

The duration to obtain your real estate license varies by state, typically involving specific timeframes. The process includes completing pre-licensing education, passing the exam, and submitting your application. Joining a brokerage with streamlined onboarding, like LoKation, can accelerate this timeline, allowing you to embark on your real estate career more swiftly. Efficient processes and comprehensive support from the brokerage contribute to trimming down the time required to obtain and activate your license.

Should I work directly for a broker, or under an experienced agent?

For those newly licensed in the intricate world of real estate, the pivotal decision between a broker or an agent profoundly influences your trajectory. While both roles are integral, aligning yourself as an agent under a trusted brokerage establishes a robust foundation, offering a closer connection to clients. With access to mentorship, guidance, and a wealth of comprehensive resources, agents are equipped with the necessary tools for a successful career launch. This strategic affiliation not only fosters a supportive environment but also enhances adaptability and competitiveness in the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate industry.

What are the first steps to take as a new agent?
  • Join your local MLS to access property listings and connect with other agents.
  • Set up your business by establishing a legal entity, getting insurance, and opening business accounts.
  • Develop your marketing plan to attract clients, including creating a website, utilizing social media, and building relationships.
  • Start prospecting! Network with friends, family, and local businesses, attend open houses and utilize lead generation tools.