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For the most part, the real estate industry has been quite resilient through the last several months even with interest rate hikes. Despite the newly faced challenges and uncertainty, LoKation Real Estate has been able to capitalize on the situation and grow in the last twelve months both by revenue, and agent count. This comes at a time when large firms touting their agent growth have slowed substantially and we ended 1Q with a 31% increase YOY of Realtors seeing the opportunity we can afford them and moving under our banner – not only to keep 100% commission but to energize their marketing and branding via our numerous, industry-leading platforms.

We understand that the real estate market is ever-changing and unpredictable, so it’s important to stay alert and adjust your plans accordingly. So, as we inch towards the mid-year mark, it is important to take stock and reflect on the goals you set for yourself to start the year – stay focused and motivated. Now is the time to review your progress and make the appropriate adjustments. Leverage our Tech, Tools & Resources you currently may not be using. Take time to go through The Sphere Portal to see all we offer. Most of our Agents do not delve into the Marketing & Resources tabs. Have you used our Marketing Center to design, print, and ship postcards, letters & brochures? Auto email drip to SOI for holidays? Also Listing Presentations, Social Media, Community Reports, Info Graphics Videos, and more are available (in Spanish too!). Keep marketing to your sphere of influence and pipeline is essential for future success.

We have seen the market shift and have adapted our strategies to ensure our agents are kept abreast of the latest trends. We now host a 15-min monthly Mortgage Insight class hosted by our in-house lender, Millennium Mortgage. This is a great way to arm yourself with salient info to take back to prospects sitting on the fence.

Also, as home values have increased substantially, we are meeting the market with a newly launched Luxury division allowing our higher-end agents better ability to compete with the other luxury firms. This is a turnkey program that includes a refined and tailored listing package complete with a hardcover linen luxury overview book & presentation boxes. We include the full tech stack of kvCore to manage and build your business, a Luxury Home Search app to communicate with your clients, as well as instant social media templates from pictures you take. Combined with our partnerships with a Marketing & PR firm to provide guidance and audit your digital presence, lead generation packages, and training from the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, this has been met with great enthusiasm. Check it out under The Sphere > Luxury.

At LoKation, we are committed to helping our agents reach their goals. We provide the necessary training and resources to ensure our agents are equipped with the latest tools and technology to help them succeed. For example, virtual tours and open houses have become the norm in today’s market, and our agents have been able to use these new technologies to their advantage.

Just as our agents have also been able to leverage their knowledge and expertise to better serve their clients in an ever-changing market, we strive to do the same. We will soon debut a fully revamped Sphere to operate from. The new platform will substantially improve your ability to manage your business allowing much greater access, transparency and communication, and mobile functionality.

We have also seen a rise in the use of chat-bots and AI-driven technology, which can help streamline lead generation and marketing. We encourage our agents to stay on the cutting edge with their tech stack to leverage these new technologies and gain a competitive edge.

Your goals are within reach, and with the right resources and support, you can achieve more success. I believe in the power of resilience and am confident that our agents will be able to achieve their goals in the second half of the year. Never lose sight of the profession’s core fundamentals but adapt and utilize new technology that can help. Like I used ChatGPT to help with this…