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Which Plan Is Right For You?

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Move the top slider to reflect how many transactions you completed, or expect to complete. The calculator will compare the two 100% commission plans by LoKation® to find the right plan to help you succeed. At LoKation Real Estate, we understand that every business is different and we have created two plans - the Blue and Silver plans - to cater to the specific needs of our agents. With our 100% commission model, you can keep all of the commission that you earn, without any hidden fees or charges.

Real Estate Transactions Last Year

Estimated Transaction Costs on the Blue 100% Commission plan.

Estimated Transaction Costs on the Silver 100% Commission plan.

Accelerate your growth and unlock your potential. Choose from one of our two plans to get started today.

Additional Benefits:


  • Full Broker/Staff Support

  • “The Sphere” Interactive Online Office

  • In Office, Remote, and On Demand- Training.

  • Professional Development Training

  • FREE Office Access

  • Available Mentor/Coaching Program

  • No Required Fee to Client

  • Paid Commissions at Closing

Why Join LoKation?

100% Commission, Always.

At LoKation, agents have the opportunity to earn 100% commission on every transaction and reinvest their earnings back into their business. This means that agents have the freedom and flexibility to invest in their brand, marketing, and other resources that will help them grow their business.


Experience the heart of our brokerage through exceptional agent support. We provide the necessary resources for success and offer flexible communication options such as calls, zooms, texts, chats, emails, and in-person meetings, all aimed to help you thrive.


For success in real estate, ongoing education, and training are essential. Our agents have access to top-notch professional development opportunities covering a range of topics, including contracts and marketing. Live training sessions are held via Zoom, and all classes are recorded for agents to access through The Sphere, our online agent portal.


LoKation is a tech-savvy brokerage that understands the importance of technology in growing your business. They offer a range of platforms, including KvCore, a comprehensive tool that seamlessly integrates CRM, IDX website, automation, and marketing features. LoKation also provides mobile apps, marketing tools, and social media automation to help agents take control of their businesses.

Discover All Of The Benefits By Joining LoKation

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join our informative webinar and discover the benefits of our offerings.

Learn Why Thousands Of Agents Have Switched To LoKation

Schedule a time to speak with us to learn more about how we can exponentially grow your real estate earnings.

Where Technology Meets Innovation

We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions that enable our agents to drive brand awareness at scale, empowering them to elevate their businesses to the next level.

Boost Your Business with Additional Technology, Tools, and Resources from LoKation.

Access Premium Platforms at a Discounted Rate

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lokation digital marketing services
LoKation Home Search App

Propel your real estate career forward with the help of LoKation’s quality lead generation partners.

At LoKation, we offer our agents access to quality leads through over 25 lead partners, all at no upfront cost. Once a deal is closed, a referral fee is paid to the partner. We believe lead generation is critical for success in real estate and encourage our agents to sign up for as many partners as possible to help grow their business.

Family Of Services

Carefully Crafted to Support You With Services For Success. We cover all aspects of buying and selling – Real Estate, Mortgage, Title & Insurance Services. Through our in-house service of Title & Escrow with The Closing Team homeowner and renters insurance and The Mortgage Center, we can ensure clients will receive top-tier service through all aspects of their transaction.

LoKation Mortgage Center
Lokation Closing Team Title and Escrow Services
LoKation Insurance Services

You’ve earned your commission,

So KEEP it … ALL

Use the slider below to learn how much additional money you will earn with LoKation’s 100% Commission Plans.



You EARNED your commission, you should KEEP it. Adjust the top slider based on your yearly net commission earned last year. For new agents, or those looking to get into real estate, adjust the slider to match your desired income. Next, move the bottom slider to reflect how many transactions you completed. This takes into account fees ‘typically’ paid per transaction to the brokerage firm. The calculator will compare the traditional 80/20 broker split with one of two 100% commission plans by LoKation®.

100% Commission Calculator

100% Commission Calculator

*Total net commission of all Purchases and Sales for the last 12 months (assumes 3% per side).
Real Estate Transactions Last Year

Results are based on an 80% Commission Split (+fees) with traditional brokerages.

We recommend the Silver 100% Commission plan based on your transactions.

We recommend the BLUE 100% Commission plan based on your transactions.