About The K Company

The K Company Realty, LLC is a young, vibrant company that’s paved its way as a premier full service real estate firm throughout the state of Florida.  Our high level of customer service makes our clients comfortable, our market expertise makes them confident and the results make them smile.

Our system was formed when the Broker, Nathan Klutznick realized there is a strong need to revolutionize the way Realtors conduct business. In today’s economic climate it’s important to work efficiently.  It’s also important for agents to maximize their earning potential. The days of splitting your commission to support large fancy brokerage offices is over. Your clients use your services because of you, not your logo.

When you join The KCO, you get:

Strategies and Success

The KCO offers you ideas and proven strategies for your success.


Teamwork and Community

The KCO is a community and a team who are always here to help.



Training and Education

We offer the training and education you need to get your off the ground running.


We’re expanding!

Over 750 agents nationwide and growing. We’re currently looking to expand to…


Average Realty Franchise Commission


The K Company Commission